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Ride more for Fitness, Commute, Leisure or Endurance and earn Crooze Coins for saving carbon & staying fit. And spend them to get special Rewards.

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App Features

Cycling Cities, after a successful pilot, has come back with a tech-enabled platform called Crooze, of the cyclists, by the cyclists and for the cyclists. It also enables Smart Cities to promote cycling for all. Crooze app gamifies your cycling experience by rewarding every kilometer & it opens up the whole internet of cycling.

Earn Crooze Coins

Convert your hard earned cycling kilometers into an encashable currency

Monitor Carbon Saved

Know your reduced carbon footprint for all your cycling

Gamify Cycling

Monthly Gear Game to push you to ride more & ride often

Claim Exclusive Rewards

Fulfill your cycling, fitness, health & lifestyle needs with these rewards

Internet of Cycling

Explore Cycling Clubs, Events, Shops & much more happening in your city

Pedal up on Croozeboard

Stay motivated & fit with community engagement across India

How it Works?

It’s very Simple! Ride, Record, Redeem, Reward. Yay!! More Rides, More Rewards.

  • Download Crooze App once we launch on playstore
  • Download Strava App to connect to Crooze
  • Signup with Gmail/ Facebook & Register youself
  • Connect your Strava account with Crooze app
  • Record all your Cycle Rides in Strava
  • Redeem Crooze Coins for all your Ride kilometres
  • Get different Rewards with Crooze Coins
  • 1km =5 Crooze coins = 150 gms of Carbon saved
  • Increase your Gears in Gear Game with more Rides & Kilometers

Build your own community of Croozers. Make your Cooze journey more fulfilling and involved by inviting all your friends,colleagues, family, cycling club members and cycle buddies to Crooze!

How does it help Smart Cities?

This award-winning digital platform is dedicated to cycling growth in cities to make them more liveable, healthier, happier and traffic as well as pollution free.

  • Promoting cycle for fitness & smart commuting in the city
  • Incentivizing cycling to make more people cycle more
  • Build and nurture cycling ecosystem in the city
  • Activation and citizen engagement to build cycling culture
  • Gives data to analyse & make right decisions to build safe cycling infrastructure

This is a holistic approach to bring cycling culture in the city and behaviour change in the citizens.

Where we are using technology, behavioural economics, stakeholders engagement and forming community of communities across.


Partner Brands

We are very happy to Partner with these top brands in cycling, fitness, health, sustainable lifestyle and these are receiving great love from our cyclists across India


Supported By

We are very grateful to our Partner institutions who are supporting the Growth of this Startup through mentoring, guidance and grants to make the desired Impact



Are you also filled with energy to make Cycling Cities a reality? If yes, reach out to us for just a chat, working together or partnering to make cycling mainstream in Indian cities again.



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